Mock Ajax in QUnit w/ iFrame Environment

In our QUnit w/ iFrame environment, we have two jQuery objects – one for the parent ($$) and one for the iFrame ($).  To mock ajax, I decided to go with the mockjax library because it worked out of the box with my set up as opposed to Sinon JS and jQuery Fixture.

In my test setup where I load the iFrame, I have a line that sets the iFrame’s jQuery object to $ and QUnit’s iFrame object as $$.  Use $.getScript to import the mockjax library to the iFrame’s jQuery object.

$.getScript(referencePath + “../jquery.mockjax.js”);

Once this is done, $.mockjax should be available for your tests.  Use the same examples in the mockjax github.

// set up mock jax to http://url
var id = $.mockjax({
url: ‘http://url’,
dataType: ‘json’,
responseTime: 100,
responseText: {
text: ‘Hello World!’

// forced ajax call, remove mocked ajax on ajax completion
url : ‘http://url’,
error : function(jqXhr, status, statusText) {
ok(false, ‘error’);
success: function(data) {
equal(data.text, ‘Hello World!’, “Check mock data”);
complete: function() {

The API was simple enough to work on the first try.


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