Feature Tour Plugins with IE 8 Support

I looked into two feature tour plugins – Intro.js and Hopscotch. I narrowed it down to these two plugins because the other ones that I liked weren’t working in IE 8.

I liked how Intro.js focuses on elements and fades out the background, but I had trouble getting the options to work with the latest release. I currently have it prototyped on leestrategygroup.com, but I’ll likely remove it soon. I liked how the content of the tour could be specified at the element level, but I didn’t like that the priority had to be defined there as well. If I were to add a step in between, I’d have to renumber the steps that come after the insert.

I ended up choosing Hopscotch. Although I liked how Intro.js faded out, hopscotch’s approach of not fading out made the tour seem more seamless. I liked the out of the box look and feel more too. I had to manually add the keyboard controls (left, right, escape), and with the API I could add custom buttons (skip tour, etc.) easily. I also liked how the “next” button changed to “done” for the last tour. I had to fix a bug with version 1.2 to get the tour to restart every time, but it looks like it should be included in the next release. The configuration of the tour made more sense to me, and it allowed the tour to be configured without modification of the modules on the site.


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