Backbone Marionette vs Angular

I’ve been using both Marionette and Angular in two different projects.  I think I’ve used both frameworks extensively enough to make a comparison.  I think Angular is the winner.

I like the structure that Marionette provides, but it also complicates things.  Especially with Require JS.  When something goes wrong, the developer should have a very good grasp of the entire project.  I’ve grown accustomed to jQuery, but I don’t like it as much after using Angular.  I also set up a very complex system with testable independent modules, but I think it would be easier with Angular since it doesn’t use Require JS albeit similar.

Angular allows for quicker development, in my opinion.  Also, the code is more re-usable.  I can use the same controller that supports multiple html views – something that comes with jQuery-style DOM manipulating code.  Using a similar project structure really makes the code more workable.

I just watched a bunch of videos on regarding Angular, and it only took me a few days to really get going with the Angular style code.  


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