CAS 3.3.1 to CAS 4.0.0 Upgrade/Migration

CAS 4.0.0 is in the process of being released, and the documentation is not comprehensive. Here are somethings I did to get from CAS 3.3.1 to CAS 4.0.0 in terms of the maven overlay project.  This was mainly to get the fix for CAS-1318.

Overlay pom dependencies

updated cas-server-webapp from 3.3.1 to 4.0.0
added cas-management-webapp 4.0.0
added cas-server-support-generic 4.0.0
added cas-server-support-x509 4.0.0
added cas-server-support-openid 4.0.0
cas-server-support-ldap 4.0.0
removed outdated dependencies from overlay/lib

Files copied over from github

src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/cas-servlet.xml (too many changes, added my changes after copying over)

Updated files

uncommented startAuthenticate, changed flow in serviceAuthorizationCheck to transition to startAuthenticate instead.  Note: my project was using x509check, so the commented out code seemed to run the x509check

added namespace util
modified auditTrailManager bean to point to new class
added healthCheckMonitor bean
added registeredServiceList, modified to fit our services
added monitorsList

xml schema upgrades in overlayed xml files
beans 2 -> beans 3
webflow 1 -> webflow 2

Changed Credentials.class references to Credential.class in custom code in extensions

Relevant Links!msg/jasig-cas-user/jS2GjedsMd4/o-MGC_Tpn7IJ!msg/jasig-cas-user/jS2GjedsMd4/o-MGC_Tpn7IJ

Each project is different, but I basically just fixed compilation errors and went through the runtime errors.  I didn’t write down the details of each change, but the relevant links should have more information on what the exact changes were.

Good luck!


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