The New Mobile-Cloud Enterprise

Haven’t tried BaaS, but sounds awesome


Editor’s note: Sravish Sridhar is the founder and CEO of Kinvey.

Enterprise IT is undergoing a platform shift from web-based, client-server systems to a mobile-cloud platform. This shift has caught the attention of all the major tech vendors who have either acquired or launched Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Backend as a Service  (BaaS) technologies to address this growing opportunity.

Facebook acquired Parse, PayPal bought StackMob, Salesforce launched Salesforce Platform Mobile Services, AWS released a suite of their own mobile tools, Pivotal launched Pivotal CF Mobile Services and RedHat just recently acquired FeedHenry.

PaaS has long been heralded as the future of application development. It provides developers with self-service access to an app server and scalable infrastructure, freeing them from dependency on their infrastructure teams. BaaS, however, takes this to the next level (or two) by providing mobile-specific features with context and abstraction, such as push notifications as part of “out of…

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