Garden 2018

When we moved into our Tribal House, we were excited because there were chestnut and peach trees in the front yard. We had a great time taking the chestnuts off the trees last year, but the peach trees were hard to harvest especially because most of them were partially eaten by bugs.

The above picture shows the peach tree during the summer. The branches are weighed down by the peaches and looks more like a shrub. On the right, you can see evidence of deer eating the leaves.

In our backyard, we planted cherry tomatoes, squash, pumpkin, green perilla, cucumbers, peppers, and eggplants. We decided to go with a larger variety this year because last year we grew peppers, and we had a huge surplus of peppers.


The cherry tomatoes were excellent on salad.


It was a rainy season, and our cucumber plant grew huge cucumbers all season! This is towards the end of the season, but you can see green perilla on the left, cucumbers in the back, hot peppers in the front, and eggplants on the right.

I’m excited to learn about new varieties next year!

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