2015 Audi Q7 Review

The Audi Q7 always amused me, but it was never on my wish list. We were in the market for a larger vehicle because of the baby, who we were hauling in our convertible sports car. I always wanted a minivan for the practicality, but my wife could not get over the uncoolness of a minivan. I had my heart set on the Toyota Sienna, but I had to let that dream go because I didn’t mind driving a SUV.

We were deciding among the Lexus RX, Toyota Sequoia, and Cadillac Escalade. Actually, our ideal vehicle was the Range Rover but only if it had a lower price tag. We considered leasing the Escalade, but we quickly ruled out the leasing a Cadillac Escalade because the residual value was so low. We preferred a vehicle that could fit seven people, so the Sequoia was the top contender.

We went to the dealership to test drive the Sequoia, RX, and Highlander. The Sequoia was extra roomy and felt solid, but it drove like a heavy truck. The RX drove smoothly and had a simple, polished interior, but it lacked the third row seating. We were looking at the old RX because I didn’t like the lack of visibility in the new RX. The Highlander was a solid choice, but it felt smaller and the inventory did not have the colors and options we liked.

We stopped by another dealership, and there was a Q7 on the lot with our ideal colors. It also didn’t drive like a truck, and it had seven seats. We bought it off the lot, and we’ve been enjoying the vehicle ever since!

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