2015 BMW M4 Review

Long story short, we had an existing BMW lease that was expiring, and the salesman sold us the BMW M4. He made a great point that there is a time for everything, and sports cars just don’t feel the same when you’re older and fatter. I carry this advice everywhere.

We test drove the X6, X5, 4-series, and 5-series. We were initially looking for a spacious car, but we had no reason to get one because we were settled into an area that didn’t require much driving, and we weren’t planning to move. The X6 had poor visibility and felt like a SUV with the storage space of a sedan. The 5-series felt a bit too low for a large car. We were leaning towards the X5. Ultimately, we went with the M4 convertible because when else would we get this car?


Overall, the car delivered in almost every aspect. The car felt like an untamed beast, and the open top amplified the experience. It even had attributes of a pick up truck, and we were able to haul large items that other large sedans could not imagine.

However, there was a design flaw in this car that kept attracting rocks in the wheels. It would make horrible screeching sounds and sometimes for days. It was much better after the dealership installed a rock blocker, but the problem still persisted albeit in longer intervals and shorter durations.

We still loved the car and took it everywhere we went!


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