Printing Press Tour

Professor Richard Rose gave us a tour of the printing press at the Jonathan Edwards residential college. I think he mentioned it was one of the oldest residential colleges at Yale.

The basement of the residential college had multiple printing presses. This particular one was next to the laundry room!


He gave us a brief history of printing and passed around some old documents that he had in his collection. Check out this picture of me holding an old Korean book! The Korean is mixed in with Chinese characters (this is pretty normal), but some of the Korean segments looked “broken” to me – the words seemed incomplete.


Check out the “mini” printing press.


There were tons of “movable type” that could be assembled for the printing press.


I took a video of how the machine worked. There’s a lever that you pull up and down to engage and disengage the pressing.

I printed my first coaster. How cool is that?


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