Global Network Week at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain

I had a great time at global network week hosted by IE Business School in Madrid 🇪🇸 It was an incredible opportunity to learn a cool topic (Digital Transformation) in-depth with some of my current classmates and driven students from peer institutions around the world!       Here are some tips for future goers: (1) The Yale EMBA program covered lodging for the entire week assuming you arrive one day before and leave one day after. I extended two extra days out-of-pocket. We had no choice in lodging, but I recommend staying next to IE Business School or close … Continue reading Global Network Week at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain

10KSB Alumni Clinic at George Washington University

I attended the 10KSB DC Alumni Clinic on June 28th at the George Washington University. I loved connecting with fellow DC/MD/VA small business owners, and we had incredibly productive roundtable discussions on our current challenges. Thank you Babson & Goldman Sachs for organizing! Of course, my favorite part was seeing Denise & Rana from National Cohort 8 again. Continue reading 10KSB Alumni Clinic at George Washington University

David’s Reading Recommendations for New Entrepreneurs

I just sent a reading list to a couple new entrepreneurs, and I figured I should post it here as well. Here are the books that I found helpful in a few years after reading them. E-myth Revisited This book explores the conflicting roles inside an entrepreneur’s mind. Joy at Work This book goes in-depth on how accountability is the key factor to having fun at work (for everyone). I think it also went into small celebrations. One Minute Manager This is a practical solution not only for tasking and managing teams but also for yourself. Zero to One The … Continue reading David’s Reading Recommendations for New Entrepreneurs

Panel of Peers (Entrepreneurs) at Yale SOM

I had the privilege to be on the entrepreneurship panel at the Yale School of Management with three classmates who are much more accomplished than I am. I shared a perspective of a business with a mission to become the best provider of custom enterprise solutions while providing all employees with a balanced lifestyle. We discussed our visions of life and the company, our most difficult challenges, the entrepreneurial mind, lessons on organizational designs and cultures, and considerations for future entrepreneurs. Continue reading Panel of Peers (Entrepreneurs) at Yale SOM

Printing Press Tour

Professor Richard Rose gave us a tour of the printing press at the Jonathan Edwards residential college. I think he mentioned it was one of the oldest residential colleges at Yale. The basement of the residential college had multiple printing presses. This particular one was next to the laundry room! He gave us a brief history of printing and passed around some old documents that he had in his collection. Check out this picture of me holding an old Korean book! The Korean is mixed in with Chinese characters (this is pretty normal), but some of the Korean segments looked … Continue reading Printing Press Tour

Capitol Hill Lego Set

My wife has been stocking our house with puzzles and legos for M to play with. He’s a bit too young for puzzles and tiny legos honestly, so I think these toys were actually for us adults. Charli’s most recent acquisition is Capitol Hill. We started assembling it while hanging out with friends, but we took the rest of the night to complete. We learned the hard way that we need to finish after opening these things, or M starts throwing the pieces all over the room. Continue reading Capitol Hill Lego Set

Toddler Update

Time is flying by, folks! Meritt is a toddler now. Here are some videos that I posted on YouTube: (1) M loves animals, so we put animal YouTube videos on loop. Now he recites a bunch of animal sounds. I felt the power of YouTube! (2) I was changing his diapers, and he started counting in Spanish. This caught me off-guard, and I thought it was hilarious when I first heard it. I made him repeat it in this video. (3) This is the full toddler update (7 minutes). I also added one minute of Charlotte’s rant in the video after … Continue reading Toddler Update

Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat Review

I put the Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat in our registry because we had a small car.  The Internet forums recommended this infant car seat to fit small cars. It also had a high safety rating. We used this car seat a few times, but I realized the car seat is on the larger side. The car seat was very long, which probably increases the baby’s safety.  However, we were in an odd situation with a small car that we don’t drive often, so I decided to return it for another car seat. I think this is a great … Continue reading Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat Review

Ergobaby Original Review

I’m writing this post because I thought all Ergobaby carriers supported the front-facing baby. It’s probably written on the product description everywhere, but I think we were in a rush to create a baby shower registry and didn’t realize the difference between the models. I recommend the 360 model for the baby carrier. The original is definitely lighter, but now we have two carriers when could’ve done the job. We always use the 360 model. Continue reading Ergobaby Original Review

Ergobaby 360 Review

If you haven’t read my review on the Ergobaby Original, check it out here. I purchased this baby carrier at Babies R Us going-out-of-business sale because I accidentally purchased the Ergobaby Original the first time. The 360 model allows the baby to face forward after a certain size. Our baby doesn’t really like strollers, so the Ergobaby has been our go-to for outings. Continue reading Ergobaby 360 Review

2017 Cybex Aton Infant Car Seat Review

I initially chose the Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat based on research on car forums. After a week of use, we ended up replacing it with the Cybex Aton, which was slightly smaller and lighter, to better fit into our small car. This car seat worked well for our purposes, but this version has a limited canopy that provides minimal sun protection, and the material was not very comfortable for the baby, although I think it is more comfortable than many other car seats. FYI, Meritt did not like either car seat. If I had the choice again, I … Continue reading 2017 Cybex Aton Infant Car Seat Review

2017 Uppababy G-Lite Stroller Review

We used the Uppababy G-Lite stroller extremely well, and the baby enjoyed it better than our Bugaboo Cameleon3.  I think Meritt liked the mesh back, and he fell asleep many times while riding in it. He’s not really a stroller baby though, so this wasn’t the perfect stroller solution either. This stroller does not have a reclining feature, so I have to tilt the stroller to achieve the recline. This doesn’t bother me usually, but it does become a problem if we have to eat somewhere and the baby is sleeping. It’s been about a year since we used this … Continue reading 2017 Uppababy G-Lite Stroller Review

2018 Audi Q5 Review

I drove the new Q5 as a loaner vehicle for the Q7. It was the newest generation and felt much more techie than our car. I haven’t tried the touchpad looking device, so I’m not sure about all the features. Honestly, the coolest part for me was getting out of the car. The door shines a crispy logo every time you open the door! I’m not sure if this will ever get annoying, but it was a fun experience for the first-time rider. Continue reading 2018 Audi Q5 Review

2015 Audi Q7 Review

The Audi Q7 always amused me, but it was never on my wish list. We were in the market for a larger vehicle because of the baby, who we were hauling in our convertible sports car. I always wanted a minivan for the practicality, but my wife could not get over the uncoolness of a minivan. I had my heart set on the Toyota Sienna, but I had to let that dream go because I didn’t mind driving a SUV. We were deciding among the Lexus RX, Toyota Sequoia, and Cadillac Escalade. Actually, our ideal vehicle was the Range Rover … Continue reading 2015 Audi Q7 Review

Our Hospital Experience

It’s been almost two years since our hospital experience, but I need to recollect my thoughts and also to warn to-be-dads. I recall the whole experience as chaotic and somewhat unprofessional, and as a to-be-dad, I felt way underprepared. I also admit to wrongdoings because I requested my wife to take a tablespoon of castor oil to trigger labor earlier that night. My wife had two instances of prodromal labor the week before, so we tried castor oil suggested by Youtube videos. I think it worked because she went into early labor a few hours after. Anyway, I’ll summarize the … Continue reading Our Hospital Experience

Garden 2018

When we moved into our Tribal House, we were excited because there were chestnut and peach trees in the front yard. We had a great time taking the chestnuts off the trees last year, but the peach trees were hard to harvest especially because most of them were partially eaten by bugs. The above picture shows the peach tree during the summer. The branches are weighed down by the peaches and looks more like a shrub. On the right, you can see evidence of deer eating the leaves. In our backyard, we planted cherry tomatoes, squash, pumpkin, green perilla, cucumbers, … Continue reading Garden 2018