David’s Reading Recommendations for New Entrepreneurs

I just sent a reading list to a couple new entrepreneurs, and I figured I should post it here as well. Here are the books that I found helpful in a few years after reading them. E-myth Revisited This book explores the conflicting roles inside an entrepreneur’s mind. Joy at Work This book goes in-depth on how accountability is the key factor to having fun at work (for everyone). I think it also went into small celebrations. One Minute Manager This is a practical solution not only for tasking and managing teams but also for yourself. Zero to One The … Continue reading David’s Reading Recommendations for New Entrepreneurs

Panel of Peers (Entrepreneurs) at Yale SOM

I had the privilege to be on the entrepreneurship panel at the Yale School of Management with three classmates who are much more accomplished than I am. I shared a perspective of a business with a mission to become the best provider of custom enterprise solutions while providing all employees with a balanced lifestyle. We discussed our visions of life and the company, our most difficult challenges, the entrepreneurial mind, lessons on organizational designs and cultures, and considerations for future entrepreneurs. Continue reading Panel of Peers (Entrepreneurs) at Yale SOM